Pergola Type: RUSTIC



The Rustic pergola style is a great combination of quality and affordability. This style offers a double beam on the front and back of the structure (with no beams on the sides), and straight braces that attach to the rafters on the sides and interlock with the beams in the front and back.

With the Rustic pergola, you will find a great looking and affordable structure that is built to last. The larger timber sizes provide a great support for a small swing or hammock. However, you will find this style to move a little more with a swinging motion than it’s older brother The Kingston, because it has a double beam on all four sides.

Like all our custom pergola kits, the Rustic can be designed in many shapes and specifications to meet your unique needs. Timber framed structures are an excellent way to create a beautiful outdoor living space.

Available Timber Sizes

Enhanced Medium* Regular
8”x8” Posts 8”x8” Posts 6”x6” Posts
3”x12” Beams 3”x10” Beams 2”x10” Beams
3”x10” Rafters 3”x8” Rafters 2”x8” Rafters
2”x6” Lattice Top 2”x4” Lattice Top 2”x4” Lattice Top
3” Straight Braces 3” Straight Braces 2” Straight Braces

Like all of our timber structures, The Rustic is made from #1 or BTR Douglas Fir FOHC (or #2 grade Cedar upon request). These specialty timbers are high-quality and rough-sawn in appearance. Each board is carefully inspected to meet our high standards, and is then sanded (leaving the rough appearance but smoother touch), and edges routed for a high-end finished look.

*Each pergola kit comes stained, painted, or left un-finished. We use a high quality oil-based stain and a lifetime warranted paint (Warranty through Sherwin Williams).

Request a quote using the form below or call and speak with a design specialist. Each structure we make is made to order and designed specifically to fit your space and budget! (Note that the structures can be customized beyond the options shown below).

With each structure order we provide a free design of the structure. Click here to learn more.

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