FREE Custom Designs

We pride ourselves in the thoughtful creativity of our design work. Designs are made in a 3D format and can show how the structure relates to existing buildings. Our clients have really enjoyed being able to visualize their custom timber structure in their space and being able to make modifications before it’s made.

Outdoor structure design

So, how does the free custom designs work you might ask. Well, when you purchase a timber structure from EH we provide a free rendering of your custom design as a proof, which allows you to check dimensions and details. We can then make any changes before fabrication.

You can also get a custom design done without committing to purchase a structure. Simply pay the $299 design fee and when you move forward with the structure the design fee is removed from the price of the structure. That way you can see what you are considering first but don’t have to pay any extra so long as you move forward with the project (or similar structure).


Timber frame designer

“I love the design process! It is so fun to work closely with a client and design a structure that will meet their needs and gets them excited… To me this is the heart of what we do! It stirs the imagination, and allows us to custom meet the needs of each individual and space.”