Our kits are perfect for the DIY enthusiast (and for those not so enthusiastic about doing it yourself we can always DIFY-“Do it for you”…maybe I just created the newest texting term). Every kit we make comes pre-cut, pre-sanded, routed, sealed (as per customer choice), and includes all the fasteners you will need (even post bases for pergolas, gazebos, and pavilions).Dovetail kit

*Note you can choose the Unfinished option if you would like to finish it yourself-FIY. 

All kits also come with detailed instructions, so there’s no guessing when putting it together. We are always happy to help with technical support as well, so if you get stumped give us a call! And, I dare say these instructions would also work well as a blue print for those who want to build from scratch.


Regular Size, 16'x12', Cider Mill, and Decorative Cut

Regular Size, 16’x12′, Cider Mill, and Decorative Cut

Please realize however, that some of our kits, though simple, can be very heavy, so use caution, a tall enough ladder, and an extra hand or two. This is mainly a concern with longer pieces, and our Enhanced size (most kits give you the option of Enhanced or Regular size), which gives you a beautiful large timber look; Just plan ahead, and do it safely. If you choose to have your kit installed by a professional, we are happy to help if we have an authorized agent in your area. If not, just find a carpenter or contractor locally, and they will have no problem putting it together. As mentioned above our kits are simple to install, and the instructions are clear; So you will have no problem as long as you played with link-n-logs as a child.