The Decorative Dovetail pergola is designed with a single beam on all four sides, which join the posts by our famous Dovetail joint, and offers a classic look and seamless construction.

Like The Kingston, The Decorative Dovetail has a beam on all four sides, which provides greater strength and lateral support, but it does not offer the interlocking braces because of the single beam construction. This is a great mid range structure that ties nicely together with other structures using the seamless dovetail construction.

Available Timber Sizes

Enhanced Medium Regular
8”x8” Posts 8”x8” Posts 6”x6” Posts
4”x12” Beams 4”x10” Beams 3”x10” Beams
3”x10” Rafters 3”x8” Rafters 2”x8” Rafters
2”x6” Lattice Top 2”x4” Lattice Top 2”x4” Lattice Top
3” Curved Braces 3” Curved Braces 2” Curved Braces

Like all of our timber structures, The Decorative Dovetail is made from #1 or BTR Douglas Fir FOHC (or #2 grade Cedar upon request). These specialty timbers are high-quality and rough-sawn in appearance. Each board is carefully inspected to meet our high standards, and is then sanded (leaving the rough appearance but smoother touch), and edges routed for that high-end finish look.

Request a quote using the form below or call (844) 347-4233 and speak with a Design Specialist. Each structure we make is made to order and designed specifically to fit your space and budget! (Note that the structures can be customized beyond the options shown below).

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