Coffered Pergola, White, and Cove Double Step Cut

Coffered Pergola, White, and Cove Double Step Cut

How custom can you make my structure?

We can make pergolas, or other timber structure, as simple or complex as you want. We want to make the pergola you envision! If there are elements you want that you can’t see on the website please contact us, and one of our designers would be happy to assist you. We create a 3D design for all our custom projects that will allow you to see exactly what your structure will look like before we even start.

Can I get a white pergola in any style?

Yes, we can paint any of our wood pergolas white, and we use an extremely high grade paint that has a lifetime manufactures warranty, per Sherwin Williams. This way you get the durability of a wood structure, and the white elegance of paint without sacrificing longevity!

Why wood instead of vinyl?

Besides the grandeur and beauty of wood pergolas, there are many benefits of choosing a wood structure over vinyl. Wood is naturally stronger, and will hold up better to stresses caused by wind, weight, or collisions (for example the neighbor boy’s sling shot). Vinyl, if hit, can become damaged, and is much more difficult to repair. Vinyl can also be very noisy if it sees much wind at all. If you want the elegance of a white pergola, choose a pergola from Enhanced Homes that is protected with two thick coats of lifetime warrantied paint, per Sherwin Williams. This will surely give you a beautiful and elegant structure, while affording you all the benefits of a structurally sound wood pergola.


Can you install our pergola kit?

Yes, we would be happy to help with the install in what ever way you prefer. If you would like to do some of the work we would be happy to do what you do not. We have a team of licensed professionals that can install your kit from start to finish.

Are the kits easy to install?

We make the kits completely ready for install. They come with every fastener and piece you will need, and yes they are very simple to put together. Some of the pieces are heavy, so please use caution. Our staff is ready to answer any install questions upon delivery or anytime during the process. We also include step by step instructions on how to assemble your pergola or other timber structure.

What is the ETA after ordering my kit?

Kits generally take between 3 weeks from purchase to complete manufacturing (Some custom kits may take longer if they are really extensive). If there is a specific date or time you need to work around, we would be happy to accommodate to the best of our ability. If you have other related projects (deck, patio, etc.) going on in conjunction please call ahead so we can schedule a delivery time that will work with the other projects. Delivery time will vary based on shipping location. Please contact us to get an estimated delivery date for your kit!


What is so great about the DoveTail joint?

We offer several styles. All of which are sturdy and beautiful. But, if you are looking for a pergola that has knee-braces on all four posts and lots of detail then choose our Decorative of Coffered Roof style pergolas with dovetail joints. Dovetail joints offer superior strength, integrity, and ease of assembly. The dovetail joints on all beams and rafters adjoining any wall maintain a clean almost seamless appearance for years. These joints don’t separate overtime like the traditional methods do, and it makes installation a little easier too.

How often does the wood need stained?

We use a high grade oil-based stain, which has shown to have great longevity on vertical applications such as our pergola kits. It is recommended to apply a new coat right over the old every 3-5 years (should pressure wash first). Our painted pergolas, which we can paint any style, have a lifetime manufactures warranty on the paint, per Sherwin Williams.